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Dried Sourdough Starter "SURIS"

Dried Sourdough Starter "SURIS"

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Introducing SURIS, your easy-to-use sourdough secret instead of yeast! While sourdough might sound complex, we promise it's simpler than you think. Just add water and flour to our dried sourdough starter, and in just five days you'll have a lively, bubbly companion ready for your baking creations.

We believe everyone should bake with sourdough because it offers incredible benefits over yeast, like deeper flavour and digestibility. Sourdough can live for generations, with some of the oldest known sourdough starters dating back hundreds of years, infusing each loaf with a touch of history. Join the sourdough tradition!

Our sourdough kit comes with a digital guide how to wake her up.

Ships within 3-5 days.

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  • Kate K.

    "Me, who´s never baked anything before have managed to make mouthwatering bread to the heavenly cinnamon rolls with Knåda´s dried sourdough kit. Me and my family loves it!"

  • Jacob J.

    "I was doubtful to even wake her (Suris) up, but it was actually really easy! Just started my life lasting sourdough baking journey."

  • Marja J.

    "My grandmom used to bake with sourdough and as a child I was always baking with her. Now I am baking with my grandchildren sourdough bread with Knåda´s dried sourdough."