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Round Proofing Basket, lined

Round Proofing Basket, lined

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Knåda sourdough proofing basket, perfectly sized, adorned with embroidery, and prepared for your bread-making needs. This wicker basket, featuring a cloth lining, facilitates ideal dough aeration during the proofing and fermentation process.
Size 23 * 8,5 cm.

Ships within 3-5 days.

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  • Kate K.

    "Me, who´s never baked anything before have managed to make mouthwatering bread to the heavenly cinnamon rolls with Knåda´s dried sourdough kit. Me and my family loves it!"

  • Jacob J.

    "I was doubtful to even wake her (Suris) up, but it was actually really easy! Just started my life lasting sourdough baking journey."

  • Marja J.

    "My grandmom used to bake with sourdough and as a child I was always baking with her. Now I am baking with my grandchildren sourdough bread with Knåda´s dried sourdough."